About me

Everyone of us has different stories. Those stories are either fantasy or realistic. Now, I’m going to share my story but before I’ll start, let me drop this quote. “Your life is different from others. Everyone differs in various ways.” My life is so far comprised of a wonderful family, great friends, and of course, our God Almighty. With their supports, I embrace the encouraging words to pursue my dreams in life.

In the beutiful city, Quezon city, my mother gave birth on me as the eldest child. I was born on Octber 16, 1996 in an old Spanish style brick house. When I reached five months since birth, my parents have decided to fly to Bohol where they came from and to stay there for good.

My earliest memory I remembered in the warm summer breeze of our farm where our house was built. With God’s glory and grace, I was blessed to have four more siblings where I have taught them the best things I’ve learned from my beloved parents. As the eldest child, I was shaped and molded to be a good role model in the family.

As a child growing up, I was fortunate to attend a well-regarded school at three until I finished my high school. The school professed a strong educational and ethical philosophy that was remained with me throughout my life.

After high school, my family has migrated to Cainta, Rizal to do some business to support our needs. In the place I resided there, my parents found and sent me to a university to take Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and then Biology.

I’m given a precious name, Jhunalyn Rosenas. I’m a simple and well family-oriented person. Same as others, I also encounted a lot of trials in life but here I stand strong to show the world that I’m capable of doing small things that will make a big difference in the future. Despite of the obstacles and hindrances, I still aim to pursue my dreams in life.

To be an IT professional, is one of my dreams that I must to achieve not only for my sake but also for my parent to be proud of, where they are giving me their undying support that I can’t get from anyone else. Being an IT student never came to my mind before but I still need to make it. I’m still motivated and determined to expand my knowledge to study more and to become an archeologist someday. Also to continue my biology course which I have started for two years and become part of medical courses.